Hassra Festival Luxury Studio Photo Booth September 2017 - SJ Wedding Photo

Congratulations on your Wedding To Be !

You  have found the BEST Photographer to Photograph your Beautiful Wedding Day !

For Further Information, Excellent Service & Luxury Photographs call Sanjeev on 0746 20 10 801 or Email: Sanj@SJWeddingPhoto.co.uk or use the Contact Form.

Hi Hassra members - Welcome to  my  website !

Below are instructions on how to  navigate, if you wish to  purchase or download the photos. (stating the obvious, so  hope you  don't mind.)

( 1 )  If you wish to  DOWNLOAD the Digital File for personal use on to  your Device, press the BUY  button then move the scroll bar down until you see the DOWNLOAD word, then press it and follow the steps. 

If you wish to Download the Photo for COMMERCIAL USE please press DOWNLOAD and select Commercial Licence.

( 2 )  If you wish to  PURCHASE a Photographic Print or accessory, press the BUY button and select PAPER PRINT then the  size to  fit the photograph - The options are Standard, Other, Panoramic or Square.

You can crop the photo to your desired size by moving the white grid and making it smaller or larger by  selecting the corner and dragging it. Some group shots will only fit in a SQUARE photo size so  please try  various sizes to  get the photo to fit, if necessary.

Once you have selected your print size and cropped if required select the type of paper you would like the photo to  be printed on, the selection is Lustre, Glossy or Metallic. Then follow the steps to  complete your order.

( 3 ) The item(s) will be printed by a Professional Photographic Lab company and posted directly to you at the address provided. Prices include delivery. All payments are secure and you can pay by VISA, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.

( 4 ) If you  have any  questions please call me on 0746 20 10 801 after the 30th September 2017. Hope you  enjoy  viewing your photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.  Thanks Sanjeev !!!

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