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Congratulations on your Wedding To Be !

You  have found the BEST Photographer to Photograph your Beautiful Wedding Day !

For Further Information, Excellent Service & Luxury Photographs call Sanjeev on 0746 20 10 801 or Email: Sanj@SJWeddingPhoto.co.uk or use the Contact Form.

Sanjeev & Jemma

Look forward to meeting you:

1) Call or Text  0746 20 10 801 (Sanj)

2) Email :  Sanj@SJWeddingPhoto.co.uk


Hi, my name is Sanjeev. First of all, I would like to Congratulate you both on your Engagement and Wedding Day, to be !! Wow !!!

Thank you for looking at the photos on my website and I really hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I loved photographing them.

I have been taking photos since childhood using a Kodak point and shoot camera, just for fun. Developed my passion for photography on my holidays to the oriental. Here I really fell in love with the beauty of the world and what it has to offer to the eyes, through God’s Grace. I just had to photograph everything with added panache for beautiful memories that would never fade away, just like Wedding Photos.

My lovely wife Jemma, above, is learning photography and will be working alongside me as an assistant. When she is ready, she will be the second photographer. Until then, if the package requires it, I have another Professional Photographer friend who does Wedding Photography and he will be the second photographer.

Since 2012, I have been doing photography at a higher level on a part time basis. I Qualified as a Professional Photographer in 2013 from the Photographic Institute in London. At the end of 2015, I decided to become a full-time Professional Photographer, to follow my passion in photography especially Specialising in Wedding Photography.

I love Wedding Photography as it allows me to create a timeless story line for you, which would be loved and captured on camera, showing the love and essence of your life, with all your loved ones around you.

What I would bring to your whole experience by hiring me is always:

• Excellent Photography

• Amazing Quality

• Superb Customer Service

• Understanding Your Needs

• Professionalism

• Punctuality

• Respect and Politeness

• Advise

• Flexibility

• Friendship

• Being There For You from the Beginning to End of the Event

• Loving every minute Photographing  your Beautiful Wedding Day

What makes me Different to other Photographers? I am taking Wedding Photography to a higher level and upping the game in this country by adding two items, because you are definitely worth it !!! mind the pun :)

This consists of a Pre-Wedding Shoot and a Pre-Wedding Professional Studio Shoot. As I feel everything should be done to make your whole Wedding Experience even more memorable than a standard Wedding Photographer will deliver. As you deserve the best photography life can offer you.

I will only use Professional Photographic Equipment to capture your amazing Wedding Event. Additionally I own a Professional Mobile Studio which can fit in the boot of a car when collapsed, which allows me to bring the Studio to you and set it up easily at a location of your desire, if required.

Photography is such a dynamic creative art form and to stay on top of it, I am constantly improving my photographic skills to ensure that I am the very best in what I do, always.

I would love to hear from you and listen to your Wedding Day plans and ideas without any obligation, maybe over a coffee or two. Go on pick up the mobile and say Hi, because you are worth it !!  :)


Look forward to meeting you:

1)  Call or Text 0746 20 10 801 (Sanj)

2) Email : Sanj@SJWeddingPhoto.co.uk

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